I was extremely relieved to have the help of Mitzi. … She was very comforting.
— M.-R. B., Whittington Hospital, London

The physician pushed for a cæsarean … pressure was tremendous. … Mitzi Meyerson brought her help, reassured me a lot on my physical and psychological situation. … [She] taught me how to relax and to escape the pressure. … The presence of Mitzi Meyerson was very reassuring.
— L.K., Poissy, France [ Doula via Skype]

I would like to extend my deepest gratitute to Mitzi Meyerson, who looked after me during my painful labour process. She has been excellent and helped me a lot.
— B.R., London

She made me feel more confidence, encouraged me, guided me, and made me feel less stress. And very friendly, more than a relative or family members.
— M.G.C., Paris

The care was exactly right, to keep me in focus. … so grateful for Mitzi’s help. I could not do it alone. I will always remember you.
— J.D., Helsinki [ Doula via Skype]

Mitzi showed me alternative positions that allowed the baby to come down a lot quicker. … I was not left alone.
— L.B., Berlin

You are wonderful, you are super, you are fantastic, your care was amazing, surprising … words are not enough to praise you. I am very lucky I met you.
— M.C., London

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