Recommendation from Robin Lim

Because Mitzi Meyerson was kind and caring with the patients, she was invited numerous times to participate as my hands-on assistant at births at Bumi Sehat. As a Doula, she was wonderful, skilled, professional, and effective.

Mitzi did not seem to have any trouble bridging vastly different cultures here in Bali, where nearly all of the families we look after are not English-speaking. I am impressed with Mitzi’s enthusiasm for the gentle model of care.

Because we work with an impoverished population here in Indonesia, we see many complications of labour and delivery — particularly, long difficult labours and post-partum hæmorrhage.

Mitzi handled everything that happened during her service with a calm and effective demeanour.

Robin Lim, Executive Director
Yayasan Bumi Sehat
Bali, Indonesia
Certified Professional Midwife
CNN 2011 Hero of the Year

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