What Is A Doula?

A Doula is the friend and servant of a labouring mother. She is by the family’s side to discuss wishes and options before the labour, and from the onset of contractions, until after the baby’s birth. This can turn out to be a short or an extended period of time.

There is no way to predict how a labour will be, but the Doula stays with you the whole way, helping to keep the mother focused and relaxed.

One of the reasons cæsarean sections become necessary is that the mother is tense and unable to keep calm. When she feels tightened up, the baby’s way is, as well. Of course, every mother is different and every birth is unique, but statistics show that the frequency of medically necessary C‑sections is 50% less, when a Doula is present during the labour.

It is extremely helpful to have someone on your side during the entire process. Your Doula keeps a positive and relaxed atmosphere in this most important moment of your life.

The Doula keeps everyone on the right path. She is there for the mother, but she can also reassure the spouse and any small children. In addition to being an advocate, she is also a valuable source of information and experience for each mother and family.

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